Monthly Plan

Your perfect garden doesn’t happen overnight. Gardens grow a piece at a time. There’s always something to be done in the garden, and perhaps you want regular maintenance. Budget constraints may sometimes limit how much can be done all at one time.

That’s why Desiree offers a monthly plan. You decide your monthly budget, and once a month our skilled gardeners and landscapers will come out and maintain, improve, and nurture the future growth of your little slice of paradise. We can add new plants as the seasons change, bring in some annual color, or remove unwanted plants. Mulching, compost, trimming and pruning, along with various other garden chores can be added as you need.

And sometimes, plans change! With our guidance and one hour of monthly consultation included, we can help create a personal haven for you in a manner that fits within your monthly budget.

Give us a call at 877-558-1496, or drop us a line and contact us here, to find out how Desiree can help you create a wonderful garden with a budget you can afford.

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